Wendy Schmeling for Congress

Make Education Great Again

While Wendy Schmeling has loved teaching for 20 years, she quickly discovered the system of education was set up for failure. Year after year, Wendy worked tirelessly to make it better. However, she found much corruption within the system in administrations and school boards. She encountered unethical requirements that were demanded from principals to change grades and pass students through a miserably broken system. At one point, Wendy took a break from teaching due to the ever increasing demands on good teachers to perform and pass students without the proper resources or support. After a hiatus, Wendy returned to the education system. She returned to find the system even worse after just 5 years.

Wendy began looking for solutions to fix the system. In her research, she found the answers. Looking back on when education was privatized in America's history, Wendy found unique success that made America great and education was number one in the world. Wendy has a plan to bring this system back to replace the current failing system. Her passion is to develop lifelong learners who love education. She desires to create a system completely different from the one that has failed us for so many years. Having been in a broken system for 20 years, Wendy knows what does not work and how to fix it.

Wendy wants to see students equipped to love learning and exude excellence in their work. She wants to see parents involved and welcome as part of the vital team in their child's education. For too long, the American Education System has failed. Students are passed on to graduate regardless of literacy. Our system has failed graduating seniors who cannot read on grade level. Most can only read on an elementary school level. Year after year, more demands are placed on teachers to fix the problems without the proper resources or support. Consequently, the system forces teachers to push students through. A business report from 2018 has the US ranked 38th in math scores and 24th in science scores in the world. Wendy's top priority is to fix the education system that is horribly broken and has miserably failed parents, students, communities, society, and good teachers like her.




Wendy’s Values

Wendy Schmeling is a Conservative Republican. She believes in the United States Constitution as the most vital document to govern and guide America. Wendy believes in the Rule of Law and fully supports Law and Order. Wendy fully supports our US Military. Both her father and her uncle were United States Marines.

Wendy is a Christian who believes in loving God and loving others. She believes in the sanctity of human life. She stands with Israel and wants to see the United States remain a faithful ally to Israel. She travelled to Israel in 2008 to walk in the footsteps of Jesus and his disciples. Wendy is an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God. She has served at many churches in women's, youth, and young adult ministries.

Wendy values a life of service to others. After serving in education for 20 years, she feels her next best place of service is for the people of her district, Florida Congressional District 18. She hopes her district will place their trust in her to change things in Washington for American Education.


Legislation I will propose in Washington, D.C.

  • Abolish the Department of Education.
  • Return Education to the states.
  • Abolish CRT and all Critical Theories in our schools, military, and federal government.
  • Set Term Limits for Congress.
  • Create a Veteran's Protection Program to safeguard our children in our schools and give our Veterans purposeful fulfillment.


Along with numerous members of our newly elected Congress, I will:
  • File Articles of Impeachment on the Biden Administration, Speaker Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.



On August 23rd, 2022 vote for Wendy Schmeling for Congress